My Assigned Figurines

In class I received two figurines to scan - as of yet I've only scanned one. The first of these, and the one that I have scanned, depicts what appears to be a male figure. It is relatively small, measuring under four and a half inches, and is flat-backed. The flat surface of this figurine's back suggests that it is a member of type 1 Maya figurines: press molded. The figure, clothed in a loin cloth and headdress, is depicted in low relief on the object's front side. On its lower backside protrudes a jagged circular form, which looks to be a broken connection. My theory is that the sound making component of this figurine was attached at this circular protrusion. It was this protrusion that proved most difficult to scan, along with a few recesses near the figure's right ear and armpit.

The second figurine, which I have yet to scan, is a decapitated ceramic head. Though only a fragment, this artifact is finely crafted. As it is fully round, this high craft suggests that this head belongs in the third or fourth types. Due to its sphere like shape, scanning the artifact should be relatively easy.

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