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Before you fill out the form below, check out our FAQ's:

Do you sell your templates?


Yes! Check out my “Shop” tab above.

I only sell the basic form templates. The highly detailed templates seen on my social media are 

not for sale, as they are my personal artwork. You can purchase fired objects in these designs.

I can't get into your shop?


If the shop page is password locked, it means we're setting up for our next sale OR are currently selling exclusively to my email subscribers (who get early access to each sale).


I want to sign up for the email list. How do I do that? 


Fill out my Email List Subscription form at:

All that is required is an email, but I've included a field for your name.

What are your templates made out of?


My templates are made out of Tar Paper, which is a roofing material used in the United States and some other countries around the world. It is, as the name suggests, tar impregnated paper.

We don't have tar paper in my country. Do you know other names/alternatives?


Tar paper is not available everywhere, and some countries might even call it something unique. Unfortunately, I only have knowledge of the accessibility and nomenclature of tar paper in the United States.

My advice: find a local roofing company and ask if they know of an alternative available near you.

You can also purchase 1 ft x 2 ft rolls of tar paper from my shop.

How do you cut the Tar Paper?


My templates are cut with a 5W CNC laser.

It can be cut with scissors or blades. I prefer a box cutter, as the finer blades will break often. 

Be aware that the tar will gum up your cutting utensil.


What countries do you ship to?


US, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, UK & Ireland.

Do you sell digital files?


I do not. At the moment, only physical templates are available for purchase.

Still Have Questions?

Thanks! Message sent.

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